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The New Holland Braud - An Ultimate Grape Harvesting Machine


New Holland Braud

New Holland Models & Specs


Braud 9040M

Braud 9060L

Braud 9090L

Braud 9090X SC

Braud 9090X

Vineyard type





Extra thick








141 hp

151 hp

175 hp

175 hp

175 hp





2600L + Side conveyor


Exploring the New Holland Braud and its Revolutionary Features

The New Holland Braud is a groundbreaking grape harvesting machine that is revolutionizing the way vineyards operate. Designed specifically for the viticulture industry, this advanced piece of agriculture machinery offers a range of innovative features that enhance efficiency and productivity.

The New Holland Braud can be used for:

  • Spraying

  • Pruning

  • Harvesting

As vineyard owners and operators know, grape harvesting can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. However, with the New Holland Braud, these challenges are greatly minimized. This state-of-the-art grape harvester combines cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to deliver exceptional performance in the field.

One of the standout features of the New Holland Braud is its ability to adapt to different vineyard conditions. Equipped with an intelligent sensor system, this machine can automatically adjust its settings based on factors such as vine density, terrain variations, and grape maturity levels. This ensures optimal harvesting results while minimizing damage to vines and grapes.

Furthermore, the New Holland Braud boasts an impressive harvesting capacity. With its high-speed picking head and efficient cleaning system, it can quickly harvest large quantities of grapes without compromising on quality. This not only saves valuable time but also allows vineyard owners to maximize their yield during harvest season.

New Holland Braud

In addition to its exceptional performance capabilities, the New Holland Braud prioritizes operator comfort and safety. The ergonomic design of the cabin provides a comfortable working environment for operators during long hours in the field. Safety features such as integrated cameras and obstacle detection systems further enhance operational safety.

Overall, the New Holland Braud represents a significant leap forward in grape harvesting technology. Its revolutionary features make it an indispensable piece of equipment for vineyards looking to optimize their operations and achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity in grape harvesting.

The Benefits of Using the New Holland Braud for Efficient Grape Harvesting

If you're in the grape harvesting business, you'll definitely want to check out the New Holland Braud. This innovative machine is revolutionizing the way grapes are harvested, offering a range of benefits that can significantly improve your productivity and reduce labor costs.

New Holland Braud


  • Reduced labour cost

  • Increased productivity

  • Less downtime and maintenance

  • High quality harvest

  • Minimal leaves and stems

  • Higher yields

One of the key advantages of using the New Holland Braud is its ability to deliver a high-quality harvest. With precision harvesting technology, this machine ensures that only ripe and undamaged grapes are collected, resulting in better tasting wines and higher yields.

Not only does the New Holland Braud improve quality, but it also boosts efficiency. By automating the harvesting process, it reduces the need for manual labor, saving you time and money. With this machine at your disposal, you can cover more ground in less time without compromising on quality.

So if you're looking to take your grape harvesting game to the next level, consider investing in the New Holland Braud. It's a game-changer that will help you achieve improved productivity, high-quality harvests, and reduced labor costs - all with precision and ease.

Enhancing Vineyard Management with New Holland Braud's Advanced Technologies

When it comes to managing vineyards, staying ahead of the game is crucial. That's where New Holland Braud's advanced technologies come into play. By integrating GPS technology and yield mapping capabilities, vineyard management solutions have reached a whole new level.

With GPS technology integration, vineyard owners and managers can precisely track and monitor every inch of their vineyards. This allows for more accurate data collection, leading to better decision-making when it comes to irrigation, fertilization, and pest control.

New Holland Braud

But it doesn't stop there. New Holland Braud's advanced technologies also offer yield mapping capabilities. This means that vineyard owners can now easily identify areas of their vineyards that are producing high yields or underperforming. With this valuable information at hand, they can make data-driven decisions to optimize productivity and maximize profits.

Gone are the days of relying solely on guesswork in vineyard management. Thanks to New Holland Braud's advanced technologies, managing a vineyard has become a more precise and efficient process. So raise your glass to innovation in the world of viticulture!

New Holland Braud vs. Traditional Harvesting Methods: Why Choose Innovation?

When it comes to harvesting methods, the New Holland Braud is a game-changer. Compared to traditional manual harvesting methods, this innovative machine offers a host of benefits that make it the clear choice for vineyard owners looking to boost efficiency and profitability.

UR Grape Harvester

One of the key advantages of the New Holland Braud is its unmatched efficiency. With its advanced technology and precision engineering, this machine can harvest grapes at a much faster rate than manual labor. This means significant time savings for vineyard owners, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business. But it's not just about saving time - choosing innovation with the New Holland Braud also translates into increased profitability. By maximizing productivity and minimizing labor costs, vineyard owners can optimize their operations and ultimately improve their bottom line.

So why choose innovation?

The answer is simple: Embracing the New Holland Braud means reaping the rewards of enhanced efficiency, time savings, and increased vineyard profitability. It's time to leave behind traditional harvesting methods and step into a new era of success in grape production.

New Holland Braud Price

A New Holland can range between $300,000 - $400,000 USD depending on the extras or the model.

Remember, financing is often available for agricultural equipment like the New Holland Braud. So if you're concerned about the upfront cost, exploring financing options could be a smart move.

To get the most accurate price information and explore your financing options for a New Holland Braud, I recommend getting in touch with your nearest New Holland dealer. They'll be happy to assist you further!


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